Roger C. Reale & Rue Morgue – “The Collection”

Long-time Reducers faves Roger C. Reale & Rue Morgue finally get the deluxe Rave On Records reissue treatment. Do not miss out on this one.

“Roger C. Reale knocked our socks off. We’d seen The Clash, we’d seen The Jam, we’d seen Ramones, Hugh and I had already been to England and we’d seen all those bands. And here – in Roger C. Reale with his trio – was the same aggression, the same menace, the same hint of violence like the early The Who thing. And here’s a guy right in our back yard who’s got all the qualities we love and look for in these other bands. We didn’t have to go to England to see him, we didn’t even have to go to New York to see him.

We immediately went out and started looking for the Roger C. Reale & Rue Morgue record. It matched up completely to all the import stuff we were buying. Honestly, I’m sure it gave us the idea that a Connecticut band could make a great record. I’m sure we had thought about making a record but that brought it a little closer to home – that it was doable. It was an important record to us. It was just as important as In The City by The Jam. That’s how good we thought it was.”
– Peter Detmold, The Reducers

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